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Boost Your Bottom Line with SmartCells by Helping Workers in Pain

Prolonged standing can result in pain and injury that directly affects worker productivity.

And that strains your bottom line.

With SmartCells anti-fatigue mats, flooring, and insole solutions, you can provide a healthier work environment for your employees and a boosted bottom line for you – and the proof is in the numbers.

JAMA Study Highlights Benefits of Pain Reduction Interventions

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) conducted a study on 28,902 working adults in the United States in an effort to discover how much productive time was lost due to pain in the workforce (and the financial burden associated with that lost productivity).

The study found that nearly 13% of workers experience a loss of productivity due to some sort of pain, with 41% of these workers suffering back or other musculoskeletal pain.

Further, the study found that each person experiencing pain lost an average of 3.5 work hours per week while on the job, or a staggering 22 days per year.

Assuming a cost of $20 per hour per employee and 100 employees, lost productivity for these two pain conditions alone is costing employers nearly $20,000 per year in lost productivity or $160,000 over 8 years.    

By leveraging SmartCells Cushioning Technology, companies can implement an anti-fatigue solution to alleviate these pain conditions for less than 5 cents per hour per employee, potentially saving employers thousands of dollars per year in lost productivity. 

Think of it this way – by saving just one employee from the debilitating pain they’re experiencing, you’re paying for your SmartCells solution and providing benefits not only for that employee, but your entire workforce.

Though the improved performance of a SmartCells upgrade depends on your current situation, SmartCells has proven to be very effective in alleviating these disruptive productivity challenges.

How Does SmartCells Work?

Some may think softer flooring is better, but that’s not the case – in reality, a balance between softness and firmness is needed to provide the most effective fatigue and injury reduction solution.

SmartCells are specifically engineered to resist bottoming out and return energy, providing that optimized balance. They also promote good posture, healthy joints and natural movement, resist damage, and avoid the everyday hazards associated with floor mats. SmartCells provide lasting durability and are backed by an eight-year warranty.

The technology is simple – the SmartCells have a resting state, much like a non-compressed spring. As workers shift or walk on the surface, the cells absorb the energy then release it back as workers change their position, providing a natural and assistive upward lift as they work. In short, SmartCells are designed to relieve the stress and pain associated with standing work.

SmartCells helps you keep your employees healthy, feeling good, and being productive while improving your bottom line. Because we believe Life Shouldn’t Hurt™.

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SmartCells: Solutions for Life’s Painful Problems.

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