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SmartCells Training & Therapy Solutions: The Benefits of Training Indoors

This year’s rocky start due to COVID-19 has everyone looking out their windows, ready to get outside and stretch their legs. While practicing safe social distancing we still need to be active and stay healthy to prevent the spread of the virus. Since the shutdown, more people have gone towards training in a home gym environment. In fact, a 2020 report conducted by Valuates Reports that include COVID-19 as a variable, shows that there will be a significant increase in home gyms for years to come. 

“The United States Connected Gym Equipment Market size in 2019 amounted to USD 2.09325 Billion and is estimated to hit USD 7.18071 Billion by the end of 2026, at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 20.17 percent in 2020-2026.”

As the growth for in-home gyms and equipment continues it’s trend, it becomes more important to take safety precautions into consideration. SmartCells offers a total solution including training mats and high performance insoles for everyone that is trying to stay healthy during this time. With at-home training solutions, SmartCells can help protect everyone trying to boost their performance and prevent injuries in the safety of their own home.

With SmartCells Training Mats and Zelus Insoles in your home workout routine you can:

  • Safely practice social distancing
  • Minimize overuse injuries
  • Reduce impact from landing during explosive workouts
  • Customize flooring configurations to fit your space

With these benefits, any at-home gym transforms into an elite training facility.

Keep reading to learn about our exciting new insole offering, the Zelus Olympus LITE.

Introducing the Zelus Olympus LITE:

Zelus has created a new option for anyone who is trying to stay active during this stay-at-home order. The Zelus LITE Insoles are perfect for someone who needs support in the high impact areas of the foot, but is concerned about weight that an insole adds to their athletic footwear. The LITE is half the weight of our Olympus Pro, but still has the same support and comfort by adding SmartCells Cushioning Technology in the high impact areas of the foot. Click the link below and order a pair today. Feel The Zeal!

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