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2' x 3' Grey Anti-Fatigue Mat, Industrial Collection - SBR


The SmartCells Industrial Mats are durable and perfect for commercial and industrial applications. Constructed of SBR rubber and featuring patented cushioning technology that is optimized between cushioning and support SmartCells provide a stable surface that unlike foam or gel gets softer as its compressed, resists bottoming out and returns energy to the user.

Featuring molded beveled edges that do not curl and a closed cell design that does not absorb liquids or trap odors. SmartCells products are designed to provide maximum comfort, safety and fatigue relief for years to come.

SBR rubber creates a tough, sturdy, and reliable product that has great resistance to alcohols, weak acids, and water based cleaning solutions. SBR rubber is ideal for manufacturing and industrial environments but can also be used in logistic and warehouse settings as well.

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Additional Information

Weight 10.25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × .5 in



Commercial/Industrial Anti-Fatigue, Garage/Shop, Light Industrial

Compound Type



2' x 3' Mat

Surface Texture

Smooth Top







SmartCells® 24” x 36” (2’x3’) Grey Anti Fatigue Mat, ½” thick w/ smooth top surface.

This SmartCells® Industrial Anti fatigue mat features SmartCells cushioning technology, is constructed of EPDM rubber and features a lay flat design with molded bevel edges that resist curling, a closed cell design that does not absorb water or trap odors, is auto-clave safe and latex free.

SmartCells® patented cushioning technology creates an optimized balance of cushioning and support that provides true anti fatigue benefits. Engineered to act like springs the unique structure compresses and expands with natural body movements, resists bottoming out and returns energy to the user.

SmartCells® products are designed to provide maximum comfort, safety, and fatigue relief. Superior to foam or gel-based products SmartCells products are where the pros go when they want a true anti-fatigue solution.

SBR rubber creates a durable, functional, and long-lasting product that has excellent resistance to heat, ozone, and weathering as well as a wide range of chemicals including, acids, alkalis, and glycols. EPDM rubber is resistant to compression set as well as autoclavable up to 300F.

Made in the USA

Maintenance – sweep, vacuum, mop with mild detergent

Covered by an 8 year pro rated warranty against manufacturers defects and flaws.


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