Physical Therapy Mat

With our friends at Pinnacle Medical Wellness we designed and optimized a groundbreaking product that helps physical therapists accurately track functional movement ourcomes and range of motion.

Designed for Therapists by Therapists.

The SmartCells® Physical Therapy Mat is designed to provide impact reduction during workout and training activities for clients rehabilitating in a physical therapy setting. Measurement tools have been added to the surface of this mat to provide accurate recording of patient progress.

Hear from Matt Weston, MSPT and Director of Clinical Services at Pinnacle Medical Wellness on the benefits of the SmartCells PT Mat.

We Believe Life Shouldn’t Hurt™

The SmartCells Physical Therapy mat is specifically designed to solve some of PT's painful problems. Here’s how:

Functional Movement

Functional Movement

Track and analyze the progress of your patient’s functional movement by utilizing tools such as the outside hash marks and shapes on our PT mat. Use these tools to provide clear and concise targets for patients to reach to advance them through recovery or training sessions.

Dynamic Measurement

Dynamic Measurement

Measure and record accurately using our detailed measurement system. The ladder, hash marks, and shapes are all strategically placed at common increments to allow for a consistent measurement tool no matter where you are on the mat.

Range of Motion

Range of Motion

Analyze range of motion progress by using any of the tools featured on the mat. Use distance incentives for your patients to inspire them to reach their goals and improve their overall range of motion.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our Commitment to Quality

Manufactured from durable rubber and engineered based on valid, time-tested research, SmartCells Physical Therapy mats are designed to provide injury prevention and peace of mind for years throughout your facility. All SmartCells products are protected with our industry-leading 8-year warranty.

Why Use SmartCells for Physical Therapy?

The SmartCells Physical Therapy mat provides the perfect balance of cushioning and stability, for maximum injury prevention with no impairment to balance or gait.

Protect Patients

The stable, yet cushioned SmartCells PT mat protects patients from fall-related injuries while keeping therapists comfortable.

Improve Recovery

With the ability to off-load impact forces, our SmartCells PT mat allows users to rehabilitate injuries more efficiently.

Increase Revenue

Provide your patients with an unrivaled therapeutic surface for completing functional movement and neuromusculoskeletal assessments.

Notable Features

Durable and designed to last, 8-year warranty
Reduces up to 80% of the impact from landing or a fall
Designed to stay in place, no buckling or curling
Low ½” profile reduces trip hazard
Will not impair balance or change gait
100% non-porous rubber for an easy clean
Will not absorb liquid for Improved infection control
ADA Compliant Ramp to easily move patients on and off
Standardized measurement system, no more tape on floor



Under the IRS Section 44, The SmartCells Therapy Mat qualifies for an ADA tax credit for eligible businesses of up to $1,625 on every mat purchased – up to $5,000 total.

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