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Sheraton Hotel – Marriott International

Anti-Fatigue - Custom Area installed under Carpet
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Many employees in the hospitality industry spend the majority of their workday on their feet. This prolonged standing not only causes physical pain and discomfort, it significantly reduces productivity for affected workers and impedes their ability to deliver outstanding service.

In fact, employees at the Sheraton Hotel and Resort in Seattle, a global hotel chain owned by Marriott International, are required to stand behind the check-in counter without chairs for the entirety of their shift.

Being a luxury hotel chain, the company requested a carpet top anti-fatigue solution that would blend seamlessly with their decor while also providing fatigue relief. This presented a unique situation for SATECH since the areas behind the check-in counters were already recessed.

After examining the project documents, since there was no transition needed our implementation experts recommended a ½” SmartCells platform tile solution that could be outfitted with carpet on top and custom cut to fit the space.

Our installers had to do quite a bit of custom cutting and fitting to get the SmartCells to fit perfectly in the recessed area. But, once the platform was in place and the carpet top was installed over the SmartCells, the installation turned out great. 

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