Performance Training Mats

Because getting in shape shouldn’t hurt

Reduce the Impact, Not the Activity.

SmartCells Performance Training Mats are designed to provide impact reduction and injury prevention during workout and training activities in any gym setting. There are two convenient off-the-shelf sizes that are large enough to complete high-impact exercises on, but small enough to be out of the way when they are not needed. Custom edge-to-edge flooring is also an option for larger training areas.

We Believe Training Shouldn’t Hurt

SmartCells® performance training mat solutions are specifically designed to solve life’s painful problems. Here’s how:

Reduce Injuries, Not Balance

Reduce Injuries, Not Balance

SmartCells® technology is engineered to the optimal balance of stability and cushion, creating the perfect surface for high-impact, explosive training routines. Our solutions are designed to absorb up to 80% of the impact from landing and return energy, effectively reducing overuse injuries.

Built For Your Space

Built For Your Space

Every space is unique. This is why SmartCells Performance Training mats are available in several different size and color options to blend seamlessly into your environment. For a fully integrated experience, install SmartCells as custom flooring for a larger training square footage.

Trusted by the Pros

Trusted by the Pros

Our solutions are trusted by professional and collegiate sports teams, personal trainers, athletic trainers, and physical therapists across the country who proactively invest in athlete health, safety, and performance. Bring this product into your home or local gym so you can also train like a pro.

Quality that Raises the Bar

Quality that Raises the Bar

Manufactured with top-shelf components and engineered based on time-tested research, SmartCells products are designed to provide high-level performance through the toughest practices. Our commitment to quality includes an industry leading 8-year warranty

Why Use SmartCells for Training?

SmartCells Performance Training Mats provide a cushioned yet stable workout surface that absorbs up to 80% of impact forces. This drastically reduces the chance of serious injuries.

Prevent Injuries

With the unique ability to off-load impact forces and return energy, SmartCells effectively reduce overuse injuries and other micro-traumas.

Improve Recovery

Our Training & Therapy products are designed to remove impact forces away from joints, allowing users to rehabilitate injuries more efficiently.

Train Harder

Hard surfaces inhibit the ability to train with intensity. SmartCells provide a stable, yet cushioned surface allowing athletes to practice longer and harder.

Notable Features

Durable and designed to last, 8-year warranty
Reduces up to 80% of the impact during training
Designed to stay in place, no buckling or curling
Low ½” profile reduces trip hazard
Will not impair balance or change gait
100% non-porous rubber for an easy clean

Put SmartCells In Your Shoe

Put SmartCells In Your Shoe

Designed to prevent injury, enhance performance and maximize comfort, our line of Zelus Prefabricated Insoles can take your training to the next level. These insoles have the DNA of a custom orthotic at the price of an over the counter solution. Available as flat cushioned inserts or as cushioned arch support insoles. Meet Zelus, the insole to end all insoles.


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