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Personal training puts your body through a lot more stress than it’s used to. Eliminate impact forces and increase performance by training on a SmartCells mat or custom configuration.

Personal Training Products

Whatever you do for a living, SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Mat Technology can help reduce fatigue associated with standing for extended periods of time.

3′ x 5′ Training Mat:

We cannot be everywhere at once for our loved ones, but Bedside SmartCells Fall Protection Mats can be. Convenient and cost effective, these SmartCells fall protection mats provide a stable standing surface as well as a cushioned landing surface for balance impaired individuals.

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4 1/3′ x 5′ Training Mat:

If fall protection is needed in larger areas, and you need the flexibility to expand or modify the configuration of fall protection matting, it’s easy to build your own matting.  Use in hallways, around a bed, in the bathroom, or wherever falls may occur.  Connect and Protect  —  It’s That Simple!

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4.33′ x 7.33′ Training Mat:

SmartCells Fall Protection Mats are very effective, but they can only do their job if the individual who falls manages to land on the mat. It may make much more sense to provide the fall protection where the person falls, rather than hope the person falls where the protection is. For that reason, SmartCells Fall Protection flooring installed throughout a bedroom or bathroom may be a far better solution.

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Custom PT Flooring:

Wet, slippery surfaces are an especially challenging environment for balance impaired individuals. SmartCells fall protection bathroom / shower tiles and matting are drain-through, anti-slip and easy to install in bathrooms and showers.

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