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SmartCells Fall Protection flooring solutions provide a firm, stable surface that absorbs 90% of impact forces; drastically reducing the chance of serious injuries.

The Issue:

  • Annually, 1 in 25 older people in residential aged care settings sustain a hip fracture
  • 1/3rd of hip fracture patients were living in a nursing home at the time of the fracture
  • Approximately, 20% of older adults hospitalized for a hip fracture die within a year and about 50% will suffer a major decline in independence


SmartCells® Solution:

SmartCells® Fall Protection technology is available as: fall protection mats, fall protection custom flooring, and build-your-own fall protection mats / flooring.

SmartCells® bedside fall protection mats and flooring provide the security of being there when you can’t be to reduce the likelihood of fall-related injuries. The SmartCells® patented, dual-stiffness structure becomes softer under impact while at the same time providing stability for balance-impaired persons and care-givers.


Our Fall Protection Products

SmartCells® offers several fall protection flooring and mat products designed to keep you and your loved ones safe at all costs. Our Fall Protection products are a great addition for any senior living center or residential home. 

How SmartCells Work:

Our patented Anti-Fatigue and Fall Protection products are engineered with ergonomic technology, based on valid, time-tested research, and come with a strong, industry-leading 8 year warranty to back up our commitment to both built-in value and best practices.


SmartCells® cushioning technology products have a “resting state” – much like a non-compressed spring – with a natural, supportive, upright force that provides a compressible, soft surface that is also stable and supportive.


SmartCells® Cushioning Products compress and absorb pressure/impact energy from standing, weight-shifting, walking, or from the impact of a fall. After reaching a “critical threshold” the cellular structures soften and collapse laterally, without bottoming out. SmartCells® get softer as force is applied and remain in this cushioned “sweet spot” for as long as the pressure remains.


Like miniature springs, SmartCells® floor mats and products store impact energy until pressure is reduced or eliminated. The SmartCells® resilient rubber material and structure work “in-phase” with body movements to actively rebound, releasing their stored energy back into the body.

The unique SmartCells cushioning technology provides a stable and supportive surface, cushions when weight is applied and rebounds as weight is shifted, effectively reducing fatigue and injuries.


  • No more matting
  • Fall protection wherever falls occur
  • Stable surface prevents loss of balance
  • “No profile” flooring eliminates tripping hazards
    associated with fall mats
  • Improves control of infection
    • Will not absorb liquid- View Video
    • Cleans just like a regular floor
  • Nothing to move for wheeled objects
  • Secure protection for caregivers
  • Matches warranty of carpet tiles or vinyl installed on top


  • Stable surface prevents loss of balance
  • Stays in place for standing, walking, wheeling and transferring
  • Low profile reduces tripping—only 1/2” high
  • Improves control of infection—will not absorb liquid- View Video
  • Supports many wheeled objects—no need to move
  • Secure protection for caregivers
  • 8 Year Warranty


  • SmartCells® bedside fall protection mats are only 1/2 inch thick, yet reduce impact forces more than 2 times better than mats that are more than twice as thick.
  • SmartCells® fall protection flooring is only 1 inch thick, yet reduce impact forces more than 5 times better than mats that are more than twice as thick.
  • SmartCells® Interface Carpet-tile system can reduce impact forces even more.

“…the energy absorbed by the SmartCells® structure, per unit volume, is more than five times greater [than foam]”

—Declaration of Martyn Shorten, PH.D. under Rule 131(b) USPTO Filing


SmartCells fall protection products effectively reduce injuries thanks to their unique shock attenuating features.


Color: For, some persons with dementia, a black mat will appear to be a hole in the ground, and will make them fearful. For this situation, consideration of a mat color is appropriate. SmartCells® bedside mats are available in grey, tan, and black.


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