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Cooking shouldn’t hurt.

Introducing the SmartCells SlimLine kitchen mat.

Designed with comfort in mind.

You enjoy being in your kitchen, why not invest in your comfort? Experience 8+ years of pain-free comfort for only $49.99


Fatigue Relief

Extend your days and enjoy cooking again by drastically reducing the amount of fatigue from prolonged standing.

Reduce Aches & Pain

Provides an ideal standing surface for individuals with multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or joint pain.

Increase Productivity

The absorbed impact is stored and returned back to your body resulting in increased energy and productivity.

Stable while Standing

SmartCells provide a stable surface to stand on that will not effect or impair balance.

Low Profile

The SlimLine mat introduces our low profile, 3/8″ thick version of SmartCells Technology.

Aesthetic Finish

Add some style and texture to your kitchen floor with our basket weave finish, available in three colors.

Seamless Ramping

A built-in beveled edge allows for a seamless transition and reduces trip hazards.

SmartCells Cushioning

Our patented cushioning technology reduces up to 70% of impact forces and returns the energy back to you.

The same trusted technology in a sleeker, lighter package.

The SmartCells SlimLine mats feature a lower profile, ⅜ inch height, and a stylish basket weave surface. The all-new SlimLine mat utilizes the same trusted cushioning technology but in a package that is thinner and lighter; ideal for use in the kitchen. Thanks to their rubber-based formulation, SmartCells mats will not absorb liquid and are easy to clean.

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