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The Key to Keeping your New Year’s Resolution is Hiding Under Your Feet

It’s a New Year AND a New Decade, which seems to put extra stress on New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, […]

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What Is The Difference Between Fall Prevention And Injury Prevention?

Throughout the winter months,  icy conditions seem to spark an increase in conversations regarding slip and fall prevention, reminding people […]

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New Year, New Solutions to Help Reduce the Risk of Fall-Related Injuries

Falling may not seem as big of a deal as Cancer, but it truly is. More than a third of […]

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Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Christmas Present

Do you remember being a kid during the holidays? All the holiday baking, finding the perfect Christmas tree, caroling with […]

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Stop Worrying and Take Action: How to Help Your Aging Parents be Safer at Home

Is mom mixing up her pills? Is Dad having a hard time remembering things? What happens the next time mom […]

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SmartCells: The Smart Cushioning Technology

What are SmartCells? SmartCells are innovative ergonomically engineered rubber cells that provide a supportive and stable surface.  SmartCells are optimized […]

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