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SmartCells provide a stable yet forgiving surface in customizable formations and fittings.

Safe Areas

SmartCells® Fall Protection mats and flooring are highly effective at cushioning falls wherever they occur. Installation is easy and once in place, SmartCells® Fall Protection mats are even easier to keep clean.

Common Play Areas:

SmartCells® Fall Protection mats and custom flooring are used where children play on commercial properties: hospitals, fast food restaurants, airports, etc., to reduce injuries and the liabilities associated with them.

At Home:

If you have children, especially infants and toddlers, you need fall-related injury protection for them.  SmartCells® Fall Protection mats and flooring provide excellent fall protection next to beds and cribs, at the base of stairs, around play areas and equipment, in the tub, or anywhere falls might occur.


SmartCells® Fall Protection mats and technology is an all-weather surface that provides the same protection from injury-related falls even when at-risk persons prefer to be outside.


Words from our customers

Your SmartCells® mat continues to impress us with its versatility. Our grandchild is crawling, just starting to stand and trying out her walking legs. The SmartCell® mat has come to the rescue many times. It has become our family gathering place-and our old arthritic dog loves it too!!


My brother has fallen twice and the floor really works. He feels much more secure now because he knows that if he falls, he will be okay. Everybody also loves the way the floor feels underfoot. We praise the SmartCells floor to everybody we see!

Family Member
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