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SATECH, Inc. is a Washington-based manufacturer specializing in the development and marketing of SmartCells® cushioning technology to reduce standing-worker fatigue, prevent fall-related injuries by frail at-risk persons, and prevent impact injuries during fitness and rehabilitation activities.

Our Core Values

We believe our products can change people’s lives and our core values can change our lives.

  • Always act with integrity 
  • Treat every person with courtesy and respect
  • Deliver outstanding value every time
  • Turn errors into excellence
  • Strive to improve every day
  • Smile at yourself and others

The History of SmartCells® Cushioning Technology

Since 1988, the SmartCells® cushioning technology has been instrumental in the creation of safer work and play surfaces.  SATECH, Inc. played a key role in establishing standards for fall protection in playgrounds, as well as to meet Consumer Product Safety Council requirements for cushioning under playground equipment. Early patent protection for the SmartCells® structure included a wide variety of surfaces such as helicopter landing pads, sports surfacing and playground cushioning.

During the 1990s the Company focused on creating surfaces to improve the safety and performance of participants in field and gymnasium sports and became known for its leadership in incorporating post consumer waste and recycled rubber in the fabrication of its products. During this time, its innovation garnered broad media attention including a CNN documentary and a feature article in National Geographic.

SATECH, Inc. continues to innovate new products and applications for the SmartCells® technology.  In 2003 SATECH created new anti-fatigue mats and flooring solutions to reduce the causes of standing pain and improve standing worker health and safety with a work surface to help worker productivity. In 2006 SATECH introduced bed-side fall protection mats and flooring for senior living environments and in 2012 its technology was chosen for a world-class, ethics-approved clinical trial for compliant flooring in an assisted living facility. In 2014 SATECH developed a line of Volley Ball drill mats that has provided hard surface impact protection for many Division I volleyball teams including two NCAA championship teams. In recent years SATECH has developed SmartCells for insoles and has recently launched a new line of insole products called ZELUS. The SmartCells and foot support design used in the ZELUS product line is a blending of the very best in cushioning technology from the industrial world with the very best of orthotic design from the athletic world, supporting SATECH’s key corporate belief that everyone is an athlete, and should have the very best tools for high performance outcomes.

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