Kaiser Cascade Park

Kaiser Cascade Park

There are almost 700 Kaiser Permanente locations in the United States that serve over 12 million health plan members. Kaiser Permanente has been a loyal customer to Satech since 2005. Kaiser has named SmartCells their ‘standard’ anti-fatigue product to be used in their pharmacies and blood draw areas.

In July of 2015 the representatives from Kaiser Permanente Cascade Park located in Vancouver, WA reached out to SATECH, Inc. because their phlebotomists were experiencing pain and discomfort from standing all day.

SATECH recommended the standard 1” grey SmartCells with poly fleck solution that has had proven success in the past. This particular area called for the 3.5” wide grey transition ramp to be used at the base of the chairs as well as the 12” wide transition where the walk off areas were much longer.

A Kaiser blood draw area requires a unique custom solution from SATECH. The SmartCells pads have to be cut and configured in a ‘half-moon’ around the base of the blood draw chairs so the phlebotomists can roll their trays up to the patients without having to roll on or off of SmartCells. Then once the flooring is installed, there is an extra step where they must apply a total seam seal over the entire floor so no fluids get under the floor.

The installation was completed in one day by two SATECH installers and it turned out great!