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Flooring to keep your loved ones safe

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See how SmartCells Flooring is helping Pat’s mother safely age in place.

“Over the past year and a half, she’s fallen probably about 15 times [on SmartCells Flooring] and hasn’t broken anything. Before she was falling much more often and coming off with a fractured shoulder, huge hematomas, and now she comes back with a little bit of a bruise, with no pain. Full range of motion. Full strength. Able to stand. Able to move. She’s doing terrific.”

Pat Garlock 
CEO of MVP Physical Therapy

Every 11 seconds an elderly citizen is treated for a fall-related injury.
Implementing SmartCells Flooring is the best choice to help reduce fractures due to falls.



How to get SmartCells Flooring in your home


Dimensions & Pricing:
Let us know where you plan to install SmartCells Flooring.  Basic dimensions of your space will enable us to get you accurate pricing for your project.  We have several payment methods and financing options available.

Let us know where you plan to install SmartCells Flooring. Basic dimensions of your space will enable us to get you accurate pricing for your project. We have several payment methods and financing options available.


Choose Your Flooring & Place Order:
There are a variety of floor covering options that are compatible to use with SmartCells fall protection flooring. We will recommend the covering options we feel are best for your situation.

SmartCells build-your-own fall protection solutions is as easy as connect and protect.


Decide on your preferred installation method. Who would you like to install your SmartCells Flooring?  You, or a local handyman.

Decide on your preferred installation method. Who would you like to install your SmartCells Flooring? You, or a local handyman.




How SmartCells work to help seniors age in place

SmartCells become softer under impact while at the same time providing a stable surface that does not impair balance. The SmartCells structure can offload up to 40% of impact forces on the hip and up to 90% of impact forces on the head during a fall.

Like miniature springs, SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue floor mats and products store impact energy until pressure is reduced or eliminated.




SmartCells cushion as weight is applied which reduces fatigue and the likelihood of an injury.




SmartCells in their resting position are stable and will not impair balance.






Watch a raw egg bounce off a SmartCells Mat

How SmartCells Technology Works


Aging in Place Products:

SmartCells age-in-place custom flooring can be designed to meet your unique dimensions.

Our custom options provide protection and comfort in any configuration. SmartCells® Cushioned Flooring acts as an underlayment for carpet tiles and vinyl, while our Custom Sized Area Mats can be uniquely configured to fit in any space on top of your flooring surface. SmartCells® keeps you safe and comfortable while aging in place.

SmartCells Fall Protection mats are an ideal solution for bedside fall injury prevention.

SmartCells® Fall Protection Mats are available in standard sizes and can be used in many areas within your home where protection from fall-related injuries is necessary. Our Bedside Mats don’t only have to go next to the bed – use them in the garage, the kitchen, or anywhere you want fall protection coverage. We’ll be there, even when you can’t be.


What our customers and friends say:

My brother has fallen twice and the floor really works. He feels much more secure now because he knows that if he falls, he will be okay. Everybody also loves the way the floor feels underfoot. We praise the SmartCells floor to everybody we see!


Installation has been completed and the installers that you sent were very hard-working, courteous, and knowledgeable. They did a professional job and the matting looks outstanding. We have found it much easier to clean and maintain than our setup before. Thanks for your help!

Jacob - Flooring Customer

“We love our flooring! The SmartCells technology really cuts down on injuries, keeps teammates happy and reduces foot and leg discomfort. Less moaning and groaning.”




Download Our Free Aging in Place Guide

Our free guide shares tips on how to make each room in the house safe for those who wish to maintain their independence while aging in place.

Step By Step Installation Guide

Installing SmartCells Flooring is simple. Contact us today to find out just how easy it is, we are here to help every step of the way.

Financing Options Avalilable

Wondering if you can afford SmartCells Flooring?  We have several payment methods and financing options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order SmartCells Aging in Place Flooring for my home?

We have 4 simple steps.  First, send us a sketch with dimensions.  Next, choose your floor covering options.  Third, decide who will install the flooring in your home: you, or a local handyman.  Last, review financing options and place your order.

What type of configurations are available

SmartCells Flooring can be fully customized based on your living arrangements and space requirements.  Please inquire to learn more about our custom flooring configurations.

What is your return policy?

We will happily return unused flooring within 30 days, customer must cover the costs associated with return shipping of products to SmartCells USA.

How long will SmartCells Aging in Place Flooring last?

We provide an 8 year warranty on all of our SmartCells Aging in Place products.

Can I install SmartCells Flooring with my existing floor?

SmartCells Custom Flooring can be installed under various floor coverings, such as carpeting or vinyl.  SmartCells Mats & Runners can go over flooring surfaces, such as tile or hardwood surfaces.  Contact us to go over all of your options.

Facts and Information

Facts About Falling

Common Myths:

  • If I just stay home, I won’t fall.
  • I have a caregiver looking in on me, I won’t need to be hospitalized.
  • I have health insurance, it won’t cost that much if I need medical care.

The Reality: Falls are common and costly

  • 1 in 4 Americans aged 65+ falls each year
  • 55% of falls occur in the home
  • 87% of all fractures are due to falls
  • Half of all care recipients have been hospitalized in the past 12 months
  • After experiencing one fall, people are 3 times more likely to fall a second time
  • Every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall
  • The average hospital cost for a fall injury is over $30,000.00

Cost vs Benefit of SmartCells Flooring

If an older adult takes a fall and is injured, the average hospital cost can be over $30,000.00.  Not to mention the stress and pain caused from the injury to you and your loved one.  SmartCells Flooring aims to reduce fall-related injury by providing a stable, yet cushioned surface.  Giving you and your loved one peace of mind and protection from injury.

The impact of having SmartCells for caretakers

We know it can be a more than a full time job to take care of an aging adult.  However, caretakers cannot be everywhere all of the time.  SmartCells Flooring will be there, 24/7, protecting your loved one for those times when they may take a tumble.  Enjoy peace of mind, reduce your stress and worry related to fall injuries by installing SmartCells Flooring for your loved one.

Need Help Figuring Out How to Age In Place?

Download our How To Age In Place ebook to see recommendations and simple ways you can get your loved one’s home ready to age in place safely.

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