Performance Training Cushion Inserts — Active


This simple, flat insert is a highly effective cushion that fits into almost any shoe or boot — athletic, casual or work.  Just remove your existing insert and slip the SmartCells Cushion Insert into your footwear.  Active version is for more vigorous activities.

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Where-in-the-World Is SmartCells® Personal Training Insoles?


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insoles at Grand Canyon SmartCells Anti-Fatigue Insoles at the Grand Canyon


Cindy took her SmartCells® Personal Training Insoles hiking at the Grand Canyon! Here’s what she had to say about her insoles:

“No blisters. No hot spots. Going down South Kaibab Trail – 8 miles and 5000 ft elevation loss. Returning up out of the Canyon on Bright Angel Trail – 9 miles and 5100 ft elevation gain. These insoles performed like champs.”








Product Development — Camp Muir – 10,000′ elev. – Mt Rainier