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Anti-Fatigue Custom Flooring

Eliminate Mats! Forget about torn edges, stacked mats, and cluttered, unprofessional work areas. 

Our custom anti-fatigue flooring gives larger work areas the protection and comfort of SmartCells® technology.  Available in a variety of colors and surface textures and coatings, a SmartCells® custom floor will give you a professional, practical, tailored look, that is manufactured, configured and installed to your specific needs.  SmartCells® Cushioned Flooring is also available as an underlayment for carpet tiles and vinyl, to make your custom anti-fatigue floor not just safe and comfortable, but as warm and elegant as you need it to be.


Please contact SATECH, Inc. to obtain a quotation for SmartCells Anti-fatigue Custom Flooring.

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Toll-Free: 1 (888) SATECH1 or (888) 728-3241

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SmartCells 3′ x 3′ x 1″ anti-fatigue custom flooring panels are loose laid (no adhesive necessary), edge adhered, or affixed with connectors, and custom fit to the space. Ramping is applied where needed. Standard ramp is 3.5″ wide and available in OSHA yellow or complimentary colors.

Size: 3’x3′ tiles, custom fit to space

Thickness: 1 in.

Weight: 3lbs. per square foot

Composition: SBR/EPDM/NBR Rubber Polymer

Cleaning: Sweep, vacuum or damp mop

Colors: Black / Green / Light Brown / Grey / Blue

Ramps: Connecting ramp 3.5″ wode. other ramp options available in 6″, 12″, or 18″ widths
edge Anti Fatigue Custom Flooring

Connectors: connector Anti Fatigue Custom Flooring

Drain-through Option: 0.375′ holes 1.5″ on center

Finish / Textures: as molded, silk finish, factory poly coat, factory poly coat with flecks, slip resistant texture — (not all textures / finishes available with all compositions)

Commercial Covering Options: carpet tile, vinyl — (call for approved manufacturers)

Installation: Factory installation services available on request

Delivery: Build to orders, direct ship (allow 3-5 weeks)

Black Anti Fatigue Custom Flooring


Grey Anti Fatigue Custom Flooring


Lt. Brown 150x150 Anti Fatigue Custom Flooring

Light Brown

Blue Anti Fatigue Custom Flooring


Green Anti Fatigue Custom Flooring


Additional colors,surface finishes and textures available upon request