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SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Surgery Mats and Stools are Autoclave-ready, Anti-microbial, Latex-free and Adaptable.

Surgical Products

Standing in surgery for extended periods of time can have a dangerous impact on the concentration of doctors and nurses. Anti-Fatigue mat technology can help concentration. Also, standing-fatigue related concerns and infection control issues can go away with SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Surgery Mats. With a strong, industry-leading 8 year warranty – SmartCells® Anti-fatigue Surgery Mats are reusable and are a significantly better value than a disposable anti-fatigue mat, saving you money.

Anti-Fatigue Surgery Mats:

SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Surgery Mats can be used in specific operating room areas where discomfort from prolonged standing can interfere with concentration.

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Step-Stool Anti-Fatigue Surgery Mats:

SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Mat Technology can be used at cash-wrap areas, display cases, information centers, entrances / exits, etc. As an added benefit, SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue flooring can be installed under carpet or vinyl and is also available in an elegant carpet-top design.

Anti-Fatigue Runners:

SmartCells® Anti-Fatigue Technology provides relief to workers who have jobs that require standing for long periods doing repair and maintenance work from bucket trucks.  SmartCells pads are custom fit and non-conductive, and can also be used for kneeling pads.

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Words from our customers

We are very pleased with the quality and effectiveness of your mats... we look forward to working with SATECH to manage all of our fatigue matting needs.

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