What is SmartCells® Cushioning Technology?

Seamless Attenuating Technologies (SATECH) is a Washington-based manufacturer specializing in the development and marketing of SmartCells®, a new generation of cushioning technology. The SmartCells® cushioning technology has broad application in many markets where improving safety and reducing fatigue, stress, impact shock, and vibration are critical factors. Applications include the industrial work place as well as everyday use in the home to reduce standing-worker fatigue and fall-related injuries in those who are more prone to falls, such as the elderly, children, or handicapped.


The History of SmartCells® Cushioning Technology

Since the late 1980s, the SmartCells® cushioning technology has been critical to safer work or play surfaces.  SATECH, Inc. has played a key role in helping to establish standards for injury prevention and fall protection in playgrounds, as well as Consumer Product Safety Council requirements for cushioning under select playground equipment. Original patent protection for the SmartCells® cushioning technology structure was sought for a wide variety of surfaces including helicopter landing pads, sports surfacing and playground cushioning.

During the 1990s the Company focused on creating surfaces to improve the safety and performance of participants in field and gymnasium sports and became known for its leadership in incorporating post consumer waste and recycled rubber in the fabrication of its products.

SATECH’s innovation continues to produce new products and find new applications of the SmartCells technology, including the creation of wall-to-wall and counter-to-wall solutions which are particularly well suited for industrial work stations, pharmacies, labs, airline/airport applications and senior-living environments.

The new SmartCells® cushioning technology employs a remarkable dual-stiffness flooring solution that does not impair balance, while providing a stable surface for normal activities that ‘softens’ under impact to provide fall-impact protection. The SmartCells® cushioned flooring technology is the subject of a variety of clinical studies to further quantify its many benefits and to reduce risk and liability.


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